About Us

What are we trying to do?

Wouldn't it be awesome if Sheffield had an indoor bikepark?

A big cavernous space full to the rafters with fun stuff to ride silly bikes on. A place where you could learn skills, get even fitter, meet friends, have a laugh, take a break in a cafe and not worry about weather or access rights or walkers or cars or horses or landowners.

Wouldn't it be nice if it was a community enterprise and not for profit so it could apply for grants and all the riders could get involved and feel like it was theirs.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a range of terrain including climbs and descents, pump track and trails, big jumps and little jumps, and even a wooden bowl. A cafe. Bike hire. Video screenings. Barbecues. 

Wouldn't it be nice if you could explore lines and link terrain, build new stuff, challenge yourself and others and progress.

We think so, and we're going to try to make it happen.

The plan

1. Do a whole heap of planning.

2. Find a Building.

3. Raise some money.

4. Build awesome stuff.

5. Ride!

Where are we now?

Having brought together various interested parties we now have a core team of three, with others ready to help as we progress. We have a business model and viable plan in place and are currently negotiating a lease on a suitable ex-industrial building in Sheffield.

As soon as this is agreed, we will be launching a crowd-funding campaign to raise more money to equip the building and increase awareness of the project.

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